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Poland’s Bioelektra Group awarded in Davos for a Circular Economy breakthrough

Wyślij Print Pobierz added: Anna Suchenek | 2017-01-10 12:02:48
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Polish company Bioelektra Group has been recognized as the most inspiring and creative company contributing to Circular Economy worldwide thanks to their patented, innovative waste treatment technology.

Polish company Bioelektra Group has been recognized as the most inspiring and creative company contributing to Circular Economy worldwide thanks to their patented, innovative waste treatment technology.


The Dell Circular Economy People’s Choice Award will be officially presented to Bioelektra Group in Davos, on January 16, 2017. The Poland-based company has implemented an innovative RotoSTERIL technology, which is the only one capable of fulfilling the circular economy goals 100%. The breakthrough technology impacts the whole waste system from segregation, collection, treatment all the way to processing all retrieved fractions, whilst being superior economically to traditional ones in totally emission-free manner.


“It’s a great day for Bioelektra’s team of professionals who strongly believe that we can adopt innovative solutions and introduce new technologies to waste management, contributing to protecting the natural environment,” said Jarosław Drozd, President of Bioelektra Group. “As the only ones in the world, we develop a solution which allows us to separate biodegradable fraction from municipal waste and use it further in the form of biomass. This fraction has multiple potential uses, like the production of construction materials, as fertilizer or soil enhancer or as fuel for green energy production. Thanks to low operating costs and high effectiveness of the technology, it can be implemented in any country of the world, regardless of the development level.”


Bioelektra's technology is based on the sterilization and drying of waste, highlighted a fully automated separation system. The technology is not just emission-free, moreover it reduces emission of greenhouse gases, decreases the carbon footprint and practically eliminates waste deposition to landfills. Bioelektra enables reaching the highest levels of recyclability in the world, already meeting the requirements set by the European Union for 2030. It’s facility in Poland has been proven and tested at the industrial scale since 2014.


As the process is emission and odors free and has little footprint requirement, the Bioelektra facility can be located closer to the cities, which significantly reduce the transportation costs. Bioelektra's solution can be used for both segregated or unsegregated waste simplifying the segregation at source and collection, thus saving both the municipalities and residents money alike.


The technology of Bioelektra Group has attracted attention from a number of countries, such as: USA, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Argentina, Chile, Israel and China. The company is seeking regional and international investors and partners for its global expansion. The market opportunity of operating and recycling industries is estimated at 600 billion US dollars. Bioelektra Group intends to win a significant part of that market.


Bioelektra Group - a Polish technological company investing in waste management solutions. Its patented RotoSTERIL technology of processing municipal waste enables the highest level of waste recovery (over 90%) and recycling. Bioelektra can recycle biodegradable waste fraction which serves as a perfect fuel or fertilizer. Bioelektra's technology is the only solution worldwide today, that meets the sustainability requirements of 65% waste recycling set by the European Commission for the year 2030. Its technology enables processing of both unsegregated and segregated-at-source waste. It also generates highest level of purity and homogeneity within segregated fractions. The technology allows the recovery of all valuable resources and then recycle them into products for further use, thus, embodying the idea of circular economy. Additional information is available at:

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