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Bioelektra Group wins another prestigious competition: ’’Energy Globe”

Wyślij Print Pobierz added: Anna Suchenek | 2017-06-13 14:23:28
energy globe, waste treatment technology, rotosteril, waste management solutions

The waste treatment technology, created by the Bioelektra Group, was selected as the national winner of “Energy Globe”, the worldwide competition. On June 20th in the Department of Trade of the Austrian Embassy in Warsaw, Bioelektra Group will receive the ENERGY GLOBE NATIONAL AWARD certificate for the best environmental project in Poland.

The waste treatment technology, created by the Bioelektra Group, was selected as the national winner of “Energy Globe”, the worldwide competition. On June 20th in the Department of Trade of the Austrian Embassy in Warsaw, Bioelektra Group will receive the ENERGY GLOBE NATIONAL AWARD certificate for the best environmental project in Poland.

Energy Globe Awards are often called the „Nobel Prize for Environmental Protection”. The Jury of the current Energy Globe edition analyzed two thousand projects submitted by companies and organizations, from all corners of the world. Additionally, among 178 national winners, later this year the Jury will also select global winners. These prizes will be awarded in 6 categories: Water, Air, Earth, Fire, Youth and (new, launched in 2016) Sustainable Plastics. Bioelektra Group - as the winner of national award - will represent Poland in the international Energy Globe stage, for the category, Earth.

The Energy Globe competition aims to raise awareness, about available solutions for environmental problems and to prove that each of us can make a positive contribution to environmental protection. The Jury’s annual task is to present successful sustainable projects to a broad audience, especially those, that conserve and protect our resources or, which employ renewable energy. Awarded projects are presented and promoted by the Austrian Energy Globe Foundation. They are hoped to educate and inspire, eventually setting new standards for the world. Merited by the prestige of the competition, Energy Globe Awards gala is widely broadcast by television and other media across the world.

Our waste treatment technology helps to protect environment. It serves the Earth, and at the same time is economically viable. The victories in subsequent international competitions confirm our determination and belief, that our solutions should be implemented in large scale, in Poland and in the world” – said Jarosław Drozd, President of the Board at Bioelektra Group.

„Energy Globe” – the award called „Nobel Prize for Environmental Protection. It was founded in 1999 by the Austrian energy pioneer Wolfgang Neumann and is one of today’s most prestigious environmental awards.

The winners of the competition are selected in two stages: the best projects at the national level (1 from each country, from those who participate in the competition) are further assessed in the global level, in 6 categories. The main, global awards are presented at the ENERGY GLOBE AWARDS gala in the presence of leading figures in the world. Prominent guests who presented awards have included so far: Kofi Annan, Martin Sheen, Mikhail Gorbachev and many more. Additional information is available at:

ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA – with its about 110 offices in over 70 countries, provides a broad range of intelligence and business development services, for both Austrian companies and their international business partners. The Organization, is an enthusiastic supporter of the Energy Globe Awards and its aim to strengthen society’s awareness of the necessity for ecological change. Additionally, it honors outstanding best practice projects in environmental sustainability from all parts of the world. ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA is the official Trade Promotion Organization (TPO) of the Republic of Austria. More information:

RotoSTERIL – patented technology designed and owed by Bioelektra Group, which utilizes a method of mechanical – heat treatment of waste (MHT). This method is based on the extremely effective process, in which the waste is first sterilized and then automatically sorted into fractions, intended for further utilization. The technology is emission-free; what’s more, it reduces the emission of greenhouse gases, decreases the carbon footprint, and almost entirely eliminates the need of waste deposition to landfills. Simultaneously, the technology enables the highest level of recyclability in the world, already meeting the requirements set by the European Union for 2030.

Bioelektra Group method embodies the idea of a circular economy - it allows to retrieve all the valuable secondary raw materials from waste and then to recycle them into useful products. As the only method in the world it allows the recovery of a clean biodegradable fraction from the waste, ergo to re-use it for the production of building materials, soil improvers or energy. Thanks to its low operating costs and high efficiency, technology can be applied worldwide.

Each phase of the process is environmentally friendly and causes no problems to the local community. As the facility emits no unpleasant odors during the treatment, it can be located closer to the cities and significantly reduce the transportation and logistics costs. Bioelektra's solution is also friendly for local communities and can be used for both segregated or unsegregated waste streams, minimizing waste management costs. Operating a facility, that utilizes Bioelektra’s technology, causes no problems in the neighborhood via pollution and is more socially acceptable, than any traditional waste treatment facility.

Bioelektra Group - a Polish technological company investing in waste management solutions. Its patented RotoSTERIL technology of processing municipal waste enables the highest level of waste recovery (over 90%) and recycling. Bioelektra can recycle the biodegradable waste fraction, that serves as a perfect alternative fuel or fertilizer. Bioelektra's technology is the only solution worldwide today, that meets the sustainability requirements of 65% waste recycling set by the European Commission for the year 2030. Additional information is available at:

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