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artykuł nr 0 PL

Season for the Polish automotive industry

According to the 'Automotive Industry' report by KPMG and PZPM (The Polish Automotive Industry Association), 2016 was successful for the Polish automotive sector. The production of automotive plants located in Poland increased. Add : Anna Suchenek | 21.02.2017 automotive industry, cars, buses,

artykuł nr 1 PL

Good results of exports in 2016

According to Statistical Office of Poland (GUS), in 2016, the value of Polish exports in current prices reached PLN 798,199.1m and increased by 6.3% compared to the previous year. GUS data also shows that there was an increase in exports to all top ten trade partners of Poland. Add : Anna Suchenek | 21.02.2017 exports

artykuł nr 2 PL

Poland’s Bioelektra Group awarded in Davos for a Circular Economy breakthrough

Polish company Bioelektra Group has been recognized as the most inspiring and creative company contributing to Circular Economy worldwide thanks to their patented, innovative waste treatment technology. Add : Anna Suchenek | 10.01.2017 Circular Economy, waste, technology,

artykuł nr 3 PL

Good prospects for services exports from Poland

Poland is considered as a service hub, while Services exports from Poland is set to grow at ca. 7% p.a. in the next 15 years, that is faster than merchandise exports (ca. 5% p.a.), suggest trade forecast prepared by Oxford Economics, commissioned by HSBC. Add : Anna Suchenek | 03.01.2017 services, exports, raport, HSBC

artykuł nr 4 PL

Dr Irena Eris stand was opened in Salling (Aarhus) department store

In 2016 an exclusive Dr Irena Eris stand was opened in Salling (Aarhus) department store. It is located in an area dedicated to premium goods, next to such brands as Chanel, Dior and Estée Lauder. Add : Anna Suchenek | 30.12.2016 cosmetics, premium goods,

artykuł nr 5 PL

New study reveals positive impact of East European workers

East European workers in Denmark have often been accused of ‘welfare hopping’ or undercutting Danish workers, but a new study shows they have made a positive contribution to the state since 2006. Add : Anna Suchenek | 27.12.2016 workers, welfare, labor market

artykuł nr 6 PL


The seminar focuses on modern technologies in the service of the state security and civic protection. The aim is to present positive experiences in European research and innovation programs, focused on security. Special attention will be given to cooperation between Poland and Denmark and future possibilities to develop and acquire joint projects within European programs such as Horizon 2020, ISFB, ISFP. The seminar envisages, among others, presentation of the state of art technology achievements in the field of robotics and surveillance taking into account security challenges the EU is currently facing (migration, terrorism). We will discuss the use of modern technologies in ensuring state security, international funding framework and Polish-Danish potential in the R&D area, presenting successful case studies of the latter. Add : Anna Suchenek | 30.12.2016 modern technologies

artykuł nr 7 PL

6th International Forum of Waste Management in Poland – SOSEXPO 2017 (Warsaw,...

6th International Forum of Waste Management SOSEXPO - organised by the Warsaw Exhibition Board (Zarząd Targów Warszawskich S.A.) – will take place on the 2nd February 2017 in the Novotel Airport Hotel in Warsaw. Add : Anna Suchenek | 14.11.2016 waste management

artykuł nr 8 PL

Central Agricultural Fair - CAF 2016 (Poland, Nadarzyn 25-27.11.2016)

Central Agricultural Fair - CAF 2016 is a commercial initiative dedicated to the agriculture and food production sector, which launches a meeting platform for farmers and residents of rural areas with manufacturers of machinery, equipment for the production, breeding, processing and storage of agricultural products, means of agricultural production, institutions offering support and logistics services, financial consulting institutions. Add : Anna Suchenek | 14.11.2016 agrucultural, fairs

artykuł nr 9 PL

The Polish stand at the Building Green Fair attracted attention from Danish p...

The Polish companies Izodom, Fakro, Solcraft and Box House took part in the biggest trade event in Denmark promoting sustainability and energy efficiency as well as innovative materials and technologies in the building sector. Poland can be proud of itself in this area and our expertise is acknowledged world wide – said amb. H. Mościcka-Dendys during her visit at the Polish stand. Add : Anna Suchenek | 14.11.2016 Izodom, Fakro, Solcraft, Box House

artykuł nr 10 PL

Bioelektra is one of the six finalists "The Circulars"

Bioelektra is one of the six finalists "The Circulars", organized by the World Economic Forum, which promotes solutions for the circular economy. Add : Anna Suchenek | 28.10.2016 Bioelektra, finalists ,waste,plant utilizing

artykuł nr 11 PL

Polish-Danish seminar on the maritime industry during the Danish Maritime Day...

The potential for cooperation and possibilities of further expansion in the region as well as on external markets were explored on a seminar with participation of representatives from the Polish and Danish maritime industry and government officials. Add : Anna Suchenek | 28.10.2016 Maritime, Networking, Seminar, Polish, Danish, Copenhagen

artykuł nr 12 PL

Danish-Polish Maritime Networking Seminar

Add : Anna Suchenek | 25.10.2016 Maritime,Networking, exhibitions, symposia,visits, Seminar,Copenhagen,stakeholders,BALTEXPO 2017,

artykuł nr 13 PL

Danish-Polish Cooperation within IT

Poland and Denmark both focus strongly on innovation and development of IT technologies. Add : Anna Suchenek | 20.10.2016 IT, cooperation, development, testing, sales, products and services

artykuł nr 14 PL

DroneTech 1st World Meeting Toruń 2016, 12-13 October

DroneTech 1st World Meeting Toruń 2016, 12-13 October Add : Anna Suchenek | 17.10.2016 DroneTech,international meeting of scientists,exchange of ideas, technology,

artykuł nr 15 PL

Innovative glow-in-the-dark cycle lane in Poland

Located in the north of Poland, Lidzbark Warmiński has new touristic attraction. This is glow-in-the-dark cycle lane designed by TPA Pruszków laboratory that glows thanks to new phosphor technology. Add : Anna Suchenek | 17.10.2016 cycle lane, phosphor technology, sun light

artykuł nr 16 PL

IT industry and education in Wrocław

Wrocław Agglomeration Development Agency has issued the report presenting the IT market in the city. It shows size of the local IT market as well as the expectations of companies towards employees and the education offer. Add : Anna Suchenek | 13.10.2016 It, ITC, education

artykuł nr 17 PL

Poland climbs in Global Competitiveness Report

Polish economy is becoming more competitive, according to this year's ranking of the World Economic Forum (WEF). In 2016, Poland took 36th place in the ranking, which included 138 countries. Switzerland, Singapore and the United States maintained their position as the world’s three most competitive economies this year. Add : Anna Suchenek | 30.09.2016 competitiveness, World Economic Forum

artykuł nr 18 PL

Rockwool with BSS centre in Poznań

Rockwool Group has just opened the Share Service Centre in Poznań that will provide services in IT, accounting and business areas for the whole company. In Poznań, the company already hires 35 professionals and soon this number will significantly grow. Add : Anna Suchenek | 30.09.2016 BSS, IT, Rockwool

artykuł nr 19 PL

Business Services Sector in Poland 2016

The report "Business Services Sector in Poland 2016" monitors and analyses trends in development in Poland this young but rapidly growing sector. Add : Anna Suchenek | 30.09.2016 BSS, outsourcing

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Pendrive z nadrukiem

Konieczność wykorzystania komputera w pracy to już codzienność. Tak samo w przypadku pendrive z n...
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Smycze reklamowe

Stanowią one jeden z najbardziej praktycznych gadżetów reklamowych, są to smycze reklamowe. Są po...
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